• Lost In The Sauce - Single MP3 Download

Lost In The Sauce - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Kid Ink

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2012-04-26

Title Time

 Lost In The Sauce


 Lost In The Sauce


 Lost In The Sauce (Instrumenta


    • Mr November_222222

      Kid ink is the best hip hop/rap artist in my opinion. Better than Lil Wayne and artists like him.

    • Khels196

      Kid ink I love you! You've such a long way!! From crash landing to now you have evolved so much and I love it! I can't wait for your very first album in iTunes is released!! Keep doin us thang boo!

    • walrus100

      cant way for his album dis dope

    • WhatItDo ?

      Been Rockin With Kid Ink Since He Was Rockstar ! Can't Wait For Up & Away !! Still Makin Bangers!

    • bzbrizz 93

      Alumni rockin up & away ye ye ye ye k-k-k-id ink

    • sadsa

      One of the greatest new artists, he's so underrated!!!

    • $alty$am

      Pumped for the album. Up and Away is about to be dope

    • Pure monster

      Goes hard on every song can't wait for his new album

    • KyleMitchell_MMA

      Everybody Loves Kid Ink.

    • Luis Jimenez 71

      Underdog of tha year kid ink makin it