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My Own Lane MP3 Download

Artist: Kid Ink

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: 2014-01-07

Title Time

 Hello World


 The Movement


 Show Me (feat. Chris Brown)


 Iz U Down (feat. Tyga)


 We Just Came to Party (feat. A


 Main Chick (feat. Chris Brown)


 No Option (feat. King Los)


 Murda (feat. Pusha T)




 Tattoo of My Name


 No Miracles (feat. Elle Varner


 I Don't Care (feat. Maejor Ali


 More Than a King


    • Toronto Raptors Nation

      Best songs are Show Me, Main Chick, We Just Came to Party, Iz U Down & More Than A King

    • GTRxDUDE555

      Love his songs

    • kaboom525

      girl I, know you wanna be my main chick... you rock, kid ink!

    • Jssyunv


    • Telemiscommunications

      This album is an anomaly, as in all the things that are usually horrible are actually pretty good. From the outside, this album seems to be some mediocre pop rap album. A sophomore pop rap album released in mid january with multiple DJ Mustard produced songs and TWO Chris Brown collabs, That SCREAMS mediocre, but it’s actually really solid. The production is solid, I think DJ Mustard stepped up his game on this album. Chris Brown sounds better on his two songs than I think he’s ever sounded, and although this album is not really trying to be anything other than party music, I think there’s a way to do that kind of music right, and Kid Ink definitely does it right.

    • Killi rok

      Don't buy the full Album only the songs you know are good.

    • Bern8692

      He is the most underrated rapper definitely the best album right now every song is great listening two recommend most 'the movement' and 'main chick'

    • NoahFade

      Kid Ink is my favorite rapper... And he always will be. His music isn't like a ton of other trash out there.. His lyrics mean something, and they're motivational lyrics.. I'm soo glad I started listening to his music.. I bought this album and Full Speed and let me tell ya.. Best rap music I've ever listened to in my life πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’―

    • Morelle_7

      kid ink is the best hands down!!!!

    • Your boiiii ed

      Kid ink babyπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€