Three Days in January PDF Download

Three Days in January PDF Download

By: Bret Baier & Catherine Whitney
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, History
Relase Date: 2017-01-10


Full disclaimer here: I was given a copy from Mr. Baier after I took photos at the Reagan Library for another book Mr. Baier was writing and expressed my interest in Eisenhower. That said I'm also a student of history and was keen to find out if Eisenhower had been portrayed fairly as a president. I've always considered him a lightweight president but excellent commander in chief of the allied forces in WWII. I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written and thoroughly researched. What I found most fascinating was Eisenhower's measured response to threats, both external and internal. He pondered, he thought, he took his time and spent what seems like an eternity crafting his speeches and especially his final "military industrial" farewell. And I really enjoyed how Mr. Baier compared this, unflinchingly, to our present day politicians. I loved the details, the small anecdotes and especially his coverage of Ike's dealings with Kennedy. The book seemed to lose steam about a third of the way through but then picked up the pace toward the end magnificently. It was somewhat sparse on the Ike years presidential term details and I wanted to know more about several incidents but that's not what this book is about -- this is really focusing on those three days and on that it does supremely well. It was absolutely fascinating to peer, almost in real time over Ike's shoulder as he painstakingly crafted his most important speech. Mr. Baier doesn't let Ike off the hook when it comes to soft pedaling McCarthy and his seeming disdain for Nixon -- which I appreciated. I still don't buy why Ike didn't use the power of the bully pulpit to smash that other bully of the 50s. The behind the scenes stuff in the limos, with Kennedy and Camp David is fascinating. A great book digs deep into a specific historical moment and if you want to understand Ike's famous speech this is the place to begin.


The focus of Eisenhower’s creed to avoid war and seek peace is really the Bible. Yes, General Eisenhower understood war. His plans for “D” day is a masterpiece in planning to the finest detail. Again he knew how to win the battle and war but that was not his real focus. His philosophy of peace for the world is the creed for the future. He knew the “Military Industrial Complex” is not the solution. He gave us the path for lasting peace. Thank you for a wonderful piece of history and map for the future. James Shaw Naples, Florida


I found this book focused on Dwight D. Eisenhower the man, general, and president extremely informative. It provides insight into his intelligence as a military leader and strategist, and how those characteristics translate into the Oval Office. The book also caused me to reevaluate some of my political views regarding national defense and foreign policy. Thank you Bret Baier for the time invested by you and your team to share this bit of history.


Very interesting read. Very insightful regarding an age before I knew of politics and the beginning of the Cold War.

CSU Ram Fan

This book was honestly refreshing and wonderful to read. The details of General Eisenhower, President Eisenhower, and then General Eisenhower are explained in such a way it takes the reader on a wonderful ride into his thinking and makeup. His involvement and thoughts on the Bay of Pigs was fascinating. I don't know if any current and former President would have the relationship described in those details ever again. His passion for this country and desire to look ahead as he headed for civilian life is a great story. I commend Brett Baier for his commitment to this subject and book. It was so much more than I expected and was a great read.

Todd Gregory

So honest and trustworthy, both President Eisenhower and Bret Baier. Enriching in every way, and very educational. Great read!

Tim F H

An excellent read of modern history and a great road map that today's politicians should follow.


Outstanding book. Enjoy the history of WWII and the culture on the 50's. The relationship of Eisenhower and Kennedy before and after the Bays of Pigs.


Great news anchor and apparently a great author as well. I love reading about the legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower while president and military general.