King's Cage PDF Download

King's Cage PDF Download

By: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2017-02-07

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By far, this series has been my favorite one out of the others I own. I am excited to add War Storm to that collection!


I’m not sure if I should continue, even if it seems good at first. Red queen was incredible, glass sword was almost as good as the first. And that is not common. But still, they first in a series is pretty much always the best, and I’m not sure if this going to be very good- it could be a beginning of a downfall of the series like in many others. The beginning was really good, actually, but it’s not like red queen where I couldn’t put it down. My mom had to take away my book so I could just sleep, but this book I set down and slept easily. But, once I’m finished, I bet I won’t be able to wait for the next book- like when I wait for a test to get graded. I don’t want to be impatient, but a while ago I couldn’t sleep thinking about what would happen in this book. Should I continue? Is it worth it? All of the sleep that will get thrown away?


Really good, can't wait to see where this story goes. I hope the author can maybe get a bit better into writing because I would love a chunky book because she writes one each year. The ending really surprised and I hope this story goes the way I want it to good. I recommend this series to anyone except if your really, really disgusting with romance.

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I absolutely love this book series! I began reading Red Queen a week before King's Cage was released, and had no idea it was just coming out! Anyways, this ended on such a dramatic cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next one!!!


Loved this third book a such as the previous ones. Such a great author.


I read this book in one day, I couldn't but it down!


I waited and waited for this book to come out!!! I could not put it down... this series is phenomenal and now I cannot wait for the fourth! I recommend this series to everyone

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You couldn't tell me that I wasn't stuck imprisoned with Mare. VA did a stellar job making you feel as if you were living the nightmares Mare went through. I can't give anything away, but her power of description makes you feel like your a fly on the wall in every scene, taking it all in at a safe distance. So many different psychological and social factors in this book that the characters went through. I'll be waiting for the next, with charge card ready and a big goofy grin.


This book is a work of art. We start out with Mare where we left her, in captivity, but eventually the Little Lightning Girl gives the Silver King a piece of her mind. There is joy, heartbreak, and betrayal. 10/10, would read again.


I chewed through the first two books in this series EXTREMELY quick. I was absolutely engrossed. And I was SO excited for this next installment. However, I did not enjoy Kings Cage as much as the others. The best parts of this book are the scenes with Mare and Maven. They are electric (see what I did there...haha) and exciting. I can feel the connection and the story leap off the page. As the book progresses, the story becomes stale. A lot of time is spent building up to the predictable climax that feels ultimately rushed and tired. Mare's development is nice to see, but this book needed a. It more to keep my rapt attention. It took me four times as long to finish compared to the other books. That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes.


Loved it! Can't wait for number 4!


Overall, I adored this book. It kept me on edge throughout it until the end. It was just as great, if not better, than the other books in the series. A few things that I thought were a bit disappointing were these: 1) The beginning was slow. Although I understand that Mare was a prisoner and there wasn't too much to do with her, it seemed that the beginning (At least in Mare's point of view) was just a lot of the same thing - She was upset, losing hope, and tortured both by Samson and Maven. I had been hoping for a bit more than that. 2) This might have just been me, but I feel that Maven's character changed in this book. In the previous installments, especially Glass Sword, when he captured Mare, he seemed to be doing it out of evil and to hurt the Scarlet Guard along with their cause. In King's Cage, though, I think his obsession with Mare was a bit out of character for him. Don't get me wrong, the way it was written was fantastic, but I believe that if he was going to have an obsession with Mare, it would've shown more in previous books. After all, Elara is dead! But, like I said, overall it is an amazing book. Must read!! :D