Before We Were Yours PDF Download

Before We Were Yours PDF Download

By: Lisa Wingate
Genre: Historical, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-06-06

Oregon Book Worm

This book was so interesting, I couldn’t put it down. So sad knowing that children were stolen from their parents and treated so poorly. Very good read, I highly recommend this book!


This was a very good book. I would recommend it.

Burry R

Interesting and haunting story of Tennessee adoption agency.


I could not put it down. I read it in 3 days. Absolutely loved it. Moved me in so many ways. Love love loved it.


I loved this book so much.


This story is interesting from page one to the end! I am not an avid book reader but this story gripped me in and had me searching for answers. The first person experiences from two characters gave the audience a sense of empathy and understanding. Thank you for writing this story and bringing attention to a hidden devastating event in history.


I absolutely loved this book. Very well written and extremely informative. Recommend it highly!!!!


This book is really a 10 star book. Yes, the characters are fiction but have been put into a story that is , sickeningly, all too real. Unaware of any of this history prior to reading this book, I am awed by the writing, devastated by the reality, heartened by the hope and humbled by the idea of the music that we all live by. The references to the ‘ music’ of our pasts, present and future, are breathtaking. To ms. Wingate, thank you for writing this story.


Fabulously written loved it


My hear raced as I read each page, anxious to know what was next for the children. Heart wrenching story written so well.


This story is everything other reviewer says: powerful, eye opening, amazing. I cried all day while reading it.


I stared this book a while back and set it aside partway through. It didn’t grab me in that initial sitting. I picked it back up a,d couldn’t put it down. Very compelling historical fiction.