I'll Be Gone in the Dark PDF Download

I'll Be Gone in the Dark PDF Download

By: Michelle McNamara
Genre: True Crime, Nonfiction
Relase Date: 2018-02-27


I read this not long after GSK was arrested. The author was very, very close--uncannily so. She deserves credit for that. The book sags in the middle and I would've liked more psychological detail, more of the profile. I wish she were alive to see him behind bars. I like to believe she's up there smiling, her mission accomplished. RIP, god bless, and well done, Michelle.

Mele 113

One woman search for the truth came to an end. Over a 10-year-period, from 1976 to 1986, the Golden State Killer was linked by DNA and method to 12 slayings, 45 sexual assaults and more than 120 burglaries from Sacramento to Southern California’s Orange County.


Excellent writing by a passionate lady. So wish she could have known that the GSK EAR was finally caught.


I so wish so could have seen this man caught. An amazing book there’s been times a night we’re I had to stop reading because it was so unsettling.

Kat1959 22

One of those books you just cannot put down. Except at night, best read in the daylight. Creepy, intriguing and full of details. The writer makes you feel like you are watching the crimes. So sorry we won’t get more from her, what a loss. I hope she is resting in peace and somehow knows that they finally got him.


Fantastic read.


Excellent read for anyone who enjoys the anticipation of true crime


McNamara wrote compelling prose with more than the usual layperson’s grip of criminal investigation. Her analysis is reminiscent of Ann Rule. The background story of her life is inseparable for readers who are now caught up in the compulsion to see this rapist/killer caught.


This book is exceptionally amazing. Grips you from page one.

Shakira without the Sha

I’d give this six stars if I could - I literally couldn’t put it down. I can’t believe this is Michelle’s only book. She writes so beautifully and just wanted more. I so wish this book had been the beginning of her career as a novelist and not the end. Loved it.


Her structure, the writing, the layout... all kept me hooked. You start to create your own theories. Rest in light, Michelle. You have a new fan.


The details and insights bring bumps to the skin and make you want to double check the locks on your doors and windows!