Educated PDF Download

Educated PDF Download

By: Tara Westover
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-02-20

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Interesting, but confusing. Just like her life! I could not relate to such an intelligent woman having the doubts about herself and her understanding of abuse that she experienced. Makes me doubt that education can help overcome poor nurturing.

3 kids, one mom

An amazing, incredible story. Read it. There are few books that will touch you in the same way.




A brilliant memoir that is a must read and cannot be put down -- how an uneducated young lady with fanatical parents in Idaho rises to overcome every obstacle in life to succeed and achieve a PHD. Outstanding book!!


Amazing writing. I was captivated from the beginning.


As a recovering Mormon from a similar life story, almost as twisted, this book helped me to put my journey to freedom, that came at the cost of family estrangement, in better perspective. While Tara treads lightly on Mormonism, it is the catalyst that destroys family. I’ve not read a book cover to cover without putting it down like I did this book. It’s an excellent book. Unfortunately, the fundamentalist Mormons will only become more fundamentalist by reading it. Let go and let live—Life really is about choices whether you grew up believing there was only one correct choice as a Mormon or not. Thanks Tara.

Verbose Boss

I cannot even tell you how much I love this book for the questions she raises about truths (hers vs others), parental responsibility, denial, twenty-first century feminism, and the thirst for education. And, how her dad was actually right about almost half his brood not needing a public school primary education (and I was a PS teacher) and how it didn’t matter for the other half, because they were being taken care of by him. Even if he was a raving bipolar lunatic!


"Educated" is an incredible and well-written story. It is a bit difficult to read at times because there is a lot of abuse and violence. However, I could not put it down and it has an inspiring and hopeful conclusion. If you enjoyed "Glass Castle," you will like this book as well.


What a beautiful painful story, so well written and moving! Make sure you have sick time on the books because once you start it, you won’t put it down. You’ll be missing work to finish it. I stayed up late and devoured every page. I loved it!

Word Lover 70

This autobiography is an outstanding work. Ms. Westover has written her story with forth right delivery. At times it is a painful read as the graphic details are unimaginable. It is a powerful story of how the human spirit is capable of overcoming horrendous abuse. Her perseverance to eventually find her own voice is revealed as she goes through the formal and informal processes of becoming educated. The best book I have read thus far this year!!


Intense and beautifully written. A must read!!!


This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time! Fascinating read on a whole other way of life, a whole other way of looking at life and how your upbringing follows you everywhere. Bravo to Tara for having the courage to bring us her fascinating story and for standing up for herself despite tremendous pressure. Her writing is excellent and so thought provoking. Can’t wait for more from her!