The Perfect Couple PDF Download

The Perfect Couple PDF Download

By: Elin Hilderbrand
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-19


Captivating & suspenseful to the last page. Written beautifully.


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I was hoping for a clever resolution to the mystery but it turned out to be a nothing burger.


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The Pilot's Daughter

Characters well developed and portrayed. I started this book thinking it was a beach story and was surprised that it was a “murder mystery.” The reader really has no idea as to the culprit as many characters have motive or are harboring huge secrets. Though the story really is contained within two days, you are taken back to earlier years a few times (often that can be confusing, but not in this story). I wish there was more as I was left with several “what happens nexts” and I wanted to follow a couple of characters. Thoroughly enjoyed the read, one of my favorites by this author.


I think it was an enjoyable book. Though I did not almost did not read. Your reference to the young man who died after jumping and breaking his neck. There was no need to put that in the book. It hits home- He grew up in Hingham MA. and many readers in Hingham and Scituate will recognize. I have read all your books but this maybe my last.


Trite and disappointing!


A very disappointing ending. Lifetime movie material


I couldn’t put it down but the ending was terrible. It’s almost like she ran out of time and left the last chapter out.


Loved the book! Couldn’t but it down and now i am bummed I finished it too soon. Great twists and turns, Elin has branched out into the murder mystery realm. Thanks again for a “Perfect Read”